Moving Towards 2012

Through the support of many Prayers, Volunteers and Grants, FLLC is ready to move at full speed in 2012. We have multiple things on the table that are ready to deploy. It is going to be an exciting year.


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Family Life

Learning Centers

Open House

Our mission as a learning resource center is to serve the community and families with resources, strategies and technologies for abundant living.

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God has blessed us with great favor in the Oklahoma City area:

  • We have blessed over 30 senior citizens in our community with free basic computer classes,
  • We have set up four computer labs in the Oklahoma City faith-based community and have a waiting list of several churches and non-profit organizations.
  • We have partnered with the National Women in Agriculture Association to help families learn how to plant and produce fruits and vegetables from their family gardens.
  • We have partnered with the Metro-Technology Center to help refurbisher and deliver pc’s to at risk families.
  • We have established a community partnership with Central Oklahoma Care Link to help provide health insurance and care for the under insured and families that don’t have health insurance.
  • We have established a community partnership with OU College of Nursing and the Academic Technology Division of OU Health Science Center.
  • We have formed a community partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.
  • We also have a number of grant proposals that have been submitted.

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FLLC Computer Lab Opens

FLLC’s Computer Lab/Cyber Cafe Lounge is now open Monday’s 1:00PM-4:00PM & 5:30PM-7:00PM. Free Instruction and Services.

Call 405-921-7520 or 405-563-0706 for more information.

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Make a Difference


“Become a Partner and Make a Difference”

The Family Life Learning Center is a non-profit corporation that operates learning resource centers, designed to improve the quality of life for families by providing resources, strategies, and technologies that heal, empower and equip each family member.



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Family Life Ministry 4 TEENS

The Family Life Ministry 4 TEENS Program

The Family Life Learning Centers focuses its core program on TEENS. Teenagers are our next

generation of adults and leaders in our communities. The core program material engages TEENS

in real life projects that develop skills for successful adult life. The Family Life Learning Center

TEEN becomes our key component in working with pre-teen youth and older adults who have

few computer/technology skills.

The Family Life Ministry 4 TEENS Program is a ministry program designed especially for

TEENS who want to be better prepared for a successful life as adults. Family Life Ministry 4

TEENS is a key component of the Family Life Learning Centers. The program is designed to

develop and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for adult life. The

approach is to prepare TEENS with value based principles for teenage and adult life. The

program designs and implements project approaches for learning life skills, which require

strategies, resources and technologies to complete projects.

TEEN.s work together within the church to develop partner relationships with professionals,

local businesses, educational institutions, private foundations, faith based charities and other

community organizations. The partner relationships help to create, operate, and sustain the 4

Family Life Ministry 4 TEENS and other Family Life Learning Center programs in the


This approach with the TEENS encourages them to reach out to other TEENS in their schools

and communities. As this occurs, the church should see a tremendous growth in the Young Adult

and TEEN populations within the church. TEEN participation in the Family Life Learning

Centers becomes the catalyst leading to opportunities, prosperity and growth within the church or

community center.

The programs. primary focus is on 13 to 19 year old TEENS to prepare them for the first decade

of their adult life (20 – 29). The program is a 10-year commitment on behalf of each TEEN to

develop skills for abundant Christian living. The focus is a long-term approach to help TEENS

through the critical phases of life from the teen-aged years into a successful and prosperous

adulthood. Relationships, finances and professional career development are key areas that are

addressed by Family Life Ministries for Teens Program. Using a project management focus, the

program focuses on developing necessary life skills for successful adult living.

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